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Business War Games  
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Business War Games
What They Are

We only run human-based, intelligence-driven, analytical and behavioral modeled role playing war games.

Business war games are serious business. Not so much games and certainly not about wars--unless you are a cowboy or a Pentagon contractor. They are simulations of competitive dynamics in your markets with the goal of "pressure-testing" your plan. There are two leading methodologies used for these simulations:

  1. Computer-based simulations. These are offered in two varieties:
    • Pre-packaged games which offer quick back and forth simulations of hypothetical moves and a mathematical algorithm which searches for an equilibrium solution based on game theory or a set of supply and demand equations. These games were once popular among MBA programs.

    • Large-scale customized "integrated systems" offer a mathematical model with random generation of unexpected events as well as econometric modeling of a total system. Some models use esoteric math theories to try and imitate complex reality. These games are popular with the military folks with huge budgets to spare.

  2. Human-based simulations. These are intelligence-driven, analytically and behaviorally modeled role-playing exercises.
Business War Games, Competitive Intelligence Wargames, Strategic Wargaming

We only run human-based, intelligence-driven, analytical and behavioral modeled role playing war games. While we respect the skill and sophistication of other methodologies, all computerized games suffer from debilitating lack of realism and a high price tag. In contrast, we believe effective war games must be:

  • Simple - over-sophisticated, long and large scale games cost a lot more but do not produce better results.
  • Transparent - if you don't understand the exotic algorithm, how likely are you to trust the strategy?
  • Empowering - computer games don't understand internal politics, but you have to.
  • Fun - teams that learn how to role-play competitors with real market intelligence and character-building techniques maintain enthusiastic external focus for years.
  • Inexpensive - there is no good reason for games to cost hundred of thousands or even millions of dollars. If you know a good reason, write us.
  • Accessible - to truly improve the bottom line, managers at all levels of the organization should be able to use this amazing tool, not just few senior execs at the top.
  • Realistic - intelligence-based, human games are magnitudes more realistic than even the most sophisticated mathematical modeling.

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"My experience with war gaming convinced me that it is the most effective tool to expose obsolete assumptions, shake up complacent thinking, and reveal hidden human talent."--Jeff Webster, general manager, Tyson Renewable Energy Division
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